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Happy (insert your favourite holiday here) to you!

I almost never draw anything these days without some sort of back story in my head... but these, I was trying to capture the moment and they just popped out... a simple freehand doodle that grew a 2nd head.
This is a piece of gift-art to... well, anyone viewing this picture right now. Whatever colour, creed, faith or festivity you and yours hold fast to, this is for you. Yeah, you.

Happy (insert your favourite holiday here) to you!
Wishing you on this any-day, that your every days be filled with magic and light.

The best thing is with these steadfast nymphs working away on granting my wish... it's bound to come true, even if it's not so obvious to you.
Really is nifty how it all works out that way. =^_^=

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