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09 December 2003 @ 06:30 pm
Nothing encourages you more to update your updates sections than reading the updates sections of your favourite sites. You think nothing at all interesting is going on in the world then BLAM... there it is formatted in a neat textual layout for your brain pan to consume. Lush, my friends, just lush.
Projects Update: nanomango = 30 days, 30 pages.
I'd like to say it went off without a hitch, but man was there hitches every which way.
Due to slow loading FTP the last of the 33 page attempt was uploaded December 1st. And when I started out I didn't even think I'd find enough content to fill 30 pages.

"Something Shoujo" - A story about three very different, very t00by/angsty, lamer High-School graduates. Oh, and of course, Love.
: Tangent - NaNoManGo  November '03 :
Click Image to start at Page00
Gallery Section was updates as well.

Just to clear the air about Tangent - The Comic as a whole.
- It was created to house a lot of illustrated short-stories that would otherwise have no home.
- Yes, I will continue to update it, whenever plot bunnies hop along that need sating.
- No, I will not be using the characters of "Willet, Jeremy, & Nora" again, (at least not within that context, not if my muses have anything to say about it,...and believe you me, they have plenty to say about it).
- I will post and pimp accordingly whenever I do. ^_^

Site Update: I managed to put in a slight overhaul in the Fandom Section.
Added a fic list, updated broken links as well as fixed and added a few buttons. Basically, I made it pretty again.

What next?... well, obviously I immediately catch the flu.

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24 October 2003 @ 03:21 am
I would have liked to have announced each part of the “Wounded God” Doujinshi as it became available... in a half-crazed sleep deprived rush I struggled to get the last 30-ish pages done within two weeks time so it could make the rounds at Yaoi-Con. So I didn't have it in me to post it on the site. >_<

This was the first try at such an endeavour, both on-line and off, and all throughout the trial and error ordeal it was weird sort of fun. This was a whim, that grew to an obsessive compulsion, that grew to something I'm actually just a little bit proud of, when I’m not also full of hate for it as well. (Love and hate being two sides of the same coin.)
Now in the post con after glow I've had a chance to set the site right, polish up the last of the pics and wrapped it up with a nice big preverbal bow.
It's slowly turned into this 'End of an era' sort of feel for me, taking it to Yaoi-Con and sharing it with other fans and Fan-artist in person... I don't think I would have ever felt capable of finishing it with such a tight schedule, if it hadn't been for on-line fan interest and support, so... thanks.

And so without further adieu "Part Five: The Final Messenger"
:: Wounded God ::
And it with this feel of achievement and accomplishment under my belt I move along to another venture.
A new silly self-indulgent project that I hope will be accepted just as openly as this last one and prove in the end to be that much more worth while.

:: Tangent – Documented Uselessness ::

It is what it says it is. ^_^

Now, as far as site things...
I'll be tweaking the site a lot within the next few days; uploading some new/old fan-art, formatting the fan-fic list, reformatting things. Just giving the site an all-around shine. So keep an eye out for it.

S'all for now kids.

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*or something like that, it's a rather long title.
eeh... Gomen yo, Part Three went up last Friday.
I was so very busy starting on Parts Four and Five (simultaneously), that it just slipped my mind to actually announce it. ^_^
We're in the home stretch now...

:: Wounded God ::

Remember, feedback, no flames. I'm sorry enough as it is ^^;;
Really I am.

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Hello boys and girls, it is on the verge of out-and-out exhaustion that I come to tell you that the Evangelion Doujinshi ‘Wounded God’ has been updated. Part Two – “At The Water’s Edge” is now up and available on site.
I actually have a lot I’d care to articulate about this one; pro’s and con’s and the like, but I think I’ll just have to satisfy my-anal-retentive-self in that at least it’s done. Four days later then expected, but still done.

:: Wounded God ::

Enjoy!... whilst I am off to thumbnail Part Three.
Not much fanciness by way of updates;
1 - Vitreoushumour.Com is dead, dead, dead... and yet I cannot bring myself to take down the link.
*sniffles nostalgic-like*
2 - Got off arse and re-made Fandom Sub-section from scratch. http://ohshush.com/fandom/
3 – End result, bhanesidhe is now dead, dead, dead.

Was lucky enough, due random acts of fandom kindness, to add in fandom/hp/gift-art section some of the Otakon commissions I’d done. ^_^

Draco w/ sword

Until I get rid of the hand brace, there really is little else to report.

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11 August 2003 @ 12:24 pm
Only barely managed to get first part of Wounded God - Doujinshi done in time to make the bus to Baltimore. Strike that, was still stapling binding while in route.

All in all things went well for selling a YAOI Doujinshi in the not-so-yaoi-friendly environment that is Otakon.

Major Linkage:
- To the amazing ali_wildgoose/redbeangirl (fantastic roommate and table mate) and her smutty Kenshin - Doujinshi "Trade"...

- As well as Linkage to the ever formidable and stellar, Umbrellastudios for representin' and filling our hearts with fan-girl glee ^_^
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