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To You, To You!

And A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You!!

More Store News

Lots of little changes, too many to list, [I've got a feeling all my store updates are going to sounds alot like this ^^;] just go there and play nice. CafePress/OhShush
cafepress ohshush

Fandom Update:

Harry Potter -
f00 - wallpaper

........a random Tom Riddle Wallpaper Kiriban request thingum.
There are some other additions but you may as well checkout the fandom section for what warning's apply and what fics they belong to.

Comic Projects Update

tan•gent - has been updated as well with a very short, non-illustrated, story, a couple of filler pages and four or five pieces of art. This hardly merits fan-fare or changing of the front page... ^^;
Regardless, Go, Read, Enjoy and have a Happy White-Day, lovelies!

~Sidhe, who is giddy on... giddy inducing things.