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03 April 2005 @ 09:32 pm

Hardly secondary, but not quite first.

The MOST annoying thing about April 1st is if you choose to say or do anything, it must be superseded by the statement 'this is not a joke', which cheapens the intent.

[22 PAGE UPDATE!]  So, instead, I sit on my hands for a full twenty-four hours before I can post :P

To recap, in November I participated in nanomango [30 pages of sequential art in 30 pages].
[Armageddon Was A Wednesday - Start Page ]
For anyone interested, I've finally re-edited and polished up the finished pages and uploaded them. If you're really interested I suggest viewing them on deviantart simply because the deviation comments offer some insight. If you don't, there is every chance you'll end up asking questions I've already answered. [For Example: What do goblins taste like?]

Thirty-seven pages and I'm officially out of line-art now, which means re-exploring the whole *head-stabby* fun of thumb nailing, dialogue editing, laying out of panels and gratuitous inking once again. I'm drained but enthusiastic.
Yes, it leaves off at cliffhanger, yes it's an unsatisfying end but it really is all I've got. No, this isnt a joke. 

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08 September 2004 @ 08:52 am

[Tangent: Comic]


Oh god, I have to stop sucking now, don't I? >.<
~Sidhe, who cannot cope.

New Listing. Onlinecomics.Net
New Domain. www.tangentcomic.com

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14 March 2004 @ 02:00 pm

And A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You!!

More Store News

Lots of little changes, too many to list, [I've got a feeling all my store updates are going to sounds alot like this ^^;] just go there and play nice. CafePress/OhShush
cafepress ohshush

Fandom Update:

Harry Potter -
f00 - wallpaper

........a random Tom Riddle Wallpaper Kiriban request thingum.
There are some other additions but you may as well checkout the fandom section for what warning's apply and what fics they belong to.

Comic Projects Update

tan•gent - has been updated as well with a very short, non-illustrated, story, a couple of filler pages and four or five pieces of art. This hardly merits fan-fare or changing of the front page... ^^;
Regardless, Go, Read, Enjoy and have a Happy White-Day, lovelies!

~Sidhe, who is giddy on... giddy inducing things.

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13 February 2004 @ 03:52 pm

[Have a Very Merry Un-birthday]

Store News

Finally tan•gent - "Something Shoujo" has been made available in hardcopy. I'll spare you the drama of 'how' and just give you the link. ^_^

~Sidhe, who is filled with all sorts of holiday misgivings.

01 February 2004 @ 01:38 am


Site News

Project updated -

tangent, collective of comic shorts
tangent - Original Manga by Sidhe

~Sidhe, who meant to post this yesterday.

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20 January 2004 @ 05:52 pm

OhShush.Com's sole intent is to house the creative collective of a designer, a story-teller and an illustrator... each authorities in their field.

It is not intended as a site for children's interest, nor is it intended to be a fan-site geared toward any one theme. (I.E. book, movie, show, cartoon/anime, fandom, etc.)

As we grow, with acts and works, we hope to gain a reputation as a source of creative and quality craftsmanship, both on & off-line.

If you're expecting anything else... you can just suck it.

suck it, ass-tard!

Thanks ever so much,


Suggestions? Questions? Comments? Feedback?

E-Mail to elves@ohshush.com

I almost never draw anything these days without some sort of back story in my head... but these, I was trying to capture the moment and they just popped out... a simple freehand doodle that grew a 2nd head.
This is a piece of gift-art to... well, anyone viewing this picture right now. Whatever colour, creed, faith or festivity you and yours hold fast to, this is for you. Yeah, you.

Happy (insert your favourite holiday here) to you!
Wishing you on this any-day, that your every days be filled with magic and light.

The best thing is with these steadfast nymphs working away on granting my wish... it's bound to come true, even if it's not so obvious to you.
Really is nifty how it all works out that way. =^_^=

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